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Tip 1 - The Team

Building a team which will handle all aspects of the project, including brainstorming, campaign structure, perks, project updates and more.

The main advantages when having a strong team are – more people with great motivation as well as more social circles which will help distribute the idea. With that said, one man shows have succeeded in the past, and can of course succeed in the future.

Tip 2 - The Goal

Setting a reasonable amount is the most important thing in a project. The goal amount should be reasonable for the project's magnitude and the industry in which it exists. As a fundraising goal, set the minimal amount needed to complete the project.

If the amount is excessive, untrue or exaggerated, not only will the fundraising fail, but you might appear as a liar. On the other hand, you need to raise an amount that will include the cost of perks you intend to give to investors, including shipping costs if relevant and other fees.

You must mobilize your closest circles to bring in about 10%-30% of the amount needed. This is because people prefer not to be the first ones to "risk" their money on a project that no one else has yet invested in. If you manage to raise about 30% of the money on the beginning of the project, your chances for success will improve dramatically!!! It is important that you do this through the site, for people to see those 30% raised, and you will take off!

Tip 3 - Your audience

Your project is probably more relevant to some people than others.

If you are thinking of inventing the next social app, your target age group will probably be 18-40, if it`s a documentary 25-80 etc.

It is recommended to understand who your main target market is, and to initially focus on them. Aiming for the crowd is important, but don’t forget to start with the low hanging apples.

Tip 4 - Planning the campaign

The campaign isn’t done when it goes live, on the contrary, your journey only begins.
Therefore, it’s highly important to plan all your marketing efforts prior to its live date. 
The project can be updated as frequently as you can update it. Furthermore, you can always add additional perks while it is running.

Tip 5 - No second "first impression"

  1. The campaigns “widget” is your projects` front door. The information displayed will include your projects name, short summary, picture and more. This should be highly appealing as it will determine if people choose to see your project or not.
  2. The project name is very important. It should describe the essence of your project, be concise and catchy.
  3. The description of your project should go in to detail, be interesting and convincing.
  4. The projects` picture is what people will initially see, for good and for bad. Use an interesting picture, something you think will catch peoples` eye.

Tip 6 - The Trailer

The trailer is very important; it improves fund raising chances dramatically (100%), and that's proven!

The trailer will introduce your project to the masses, and according to the trailer people will decide whether or not to support your project. It is important to provide an honest and personal aspect. This is where you give people the reason why to support YOUR project and not others.

It is important to include the following details: who you are- show yourselves, let people know that there are actual people behind this project, what's the vision and story behind the project, what good will the people get from investing in you, and a reference to the crowdfunding platform in order to invest (some will see your trailer through YouTube, Facebook etc.)

Tip 7 - Rewards

The second most important thing after the video! What every backer receives in exchange for his/her support.
The main question that you need to ask yourselves here is "would I pay the specified amount in order to get the offered return?"
The goal is to provide true and good value for any amount. Provide sufficient options. The audience is varied and so are its financial abilities. On the other hand, don't provide too many options, as not to confuse your potential backers.
Gratitude is always a good thing, but try to provide something "to write home about". T-shirts with the company logo, posters of the film that is coming out, limited edition CD's, digital copies, party invitations, invitations to launch parties, the actual product, dinner with the entrepreneur, a different experience and so on. The more original and unique you will be in this field, the better you will do.
You can limit the amount of existing rewards for every investment, so that you could give exclusive rewards for "senior" backers.
Also, you can mention the approximated date when the rewards will be supplied. It's good because it gives certainty to the backers.
Be realistic; don't promise things without being sure that you can supply them. If you won't supply the rewards, it might give you a bad reputation.

Tip 8 - Updates

You have an option to post updates through your campaign - a video, picture or just text. Use it. Statistics show 40%, yes 40%, more success if you update the site at least once every 4 days (if you don't know how to update, we will be happy to help).

Tip 9 - Transparency

People will not invest in a project when the people behind it are hidden. The project owner must create as close a relationship as possible with its potential supporters. Here are a few things that can help people get to know you:

It is important to provide as much personal information as possible on your personal profile. That doesn't mean you should provide your address or give a revealing interview, just give enough information for people to feel familiar with the project owner.

Another thing that can help is a link to a Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. You will be surprised how much shared acquaintances with the potential investors can help.
Credibility- be credible, don't promise things that you can't do.

Tip 10 - Online marketing

In order to make sure that you will manage to raise the money, you need to do one more very important thing, the most important thing, market your project. Most people will reach your project as a result of a direct reference to your Crowdfunding page. For this to happen, you need to know how to market your project, and we are here to help you do it with some important tips.

First of all, it is important to mention that the most critical phase of marketing the project is the first two weeks after posting it. In fact, if you manage to raise 20%-30% of the money in those two weeks, there's a good chance you will manage to raise the whole amount. And now… the tips:
  1. Spread via email every few days: we have no way to stress enough how important this is. True, there's Facebook and that is also important (as we will explain later), but emails are very effective. Go to your email and update people, lots of people, what's going on with your project every few days.
  2. Updates: you have an option to post updates through your campaign - a video, picture or just text. Use it. Statistics show 40%, yes 40%, more success if you update the site at least once every 4 days (if you don't know how to update, we will be happy to help).
  3. How many family members do you have, including relatives in and outside the country? It's time to send all your relatives near and far a link to your project. Email, Facebook and a homing pigeon. Anything goes.
  4. How many friends do you have? Send all your friends a link to your project and ask them to invest in your project. If they can't, ask them to spread to all their friends, it can really help.
  5. Which of your friends has L-O-T-S of Facebook friends? Give them a call and ask them to spread your project to as many people as they can, and if they can, ask them to invest as well.
  6. Do you or the people around you know any journalists? If so, again, great! If you can get them to do a story about your project, that would be really, but really, helpful with fund raising. Come on, don't be shy.
  7. Do you know any forums, blogs and Facebook groups related to your project's topic? If, for the sake of argument, your project is about creating model aircrafts, you would want to go into all the forums, blogs and Facebook groups related to that topic, and tell EVERYONE about your project, along with a link to the project. If need be, register or Like them, it's worth it!

Tip 11 - Offline marketing

Coming Soon...

Tip 12 - Do what it takes

The mere act of posting a project is an out of the ordinary assignment. After passing that barrier- you have nothing to lose. Visualize the goal and use all the means in your disposal. A friend with a newspaper column, a well connected father, forwarding emails to everyone at work- anything goes. Don't feel bad, people admire those who pursue their dreams.

Tip 13 - After you are funded

Coming Soon...

Tip 14 - Experts

Coming Soon...
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